Electronic Door Locks

Explore our range of electronic door locks and find out which lock is right for you!

Yale offers premium electronic door locks that communicate with your home control system, enabling you to control access to your home from anywhere in the world! In this article, find out about our electronic door locks for homes and a list of all the resources available to you to help you choose the right electronic entrance door lock. 

Yale are one of the most well known and respected lock solution brands in the world. Millions of our locks are used around the globe and are available in over 125 countries. 

Below is a list of the electronic entrance door locks we offer. 

Yale Electronic Door Lock for Home

Electronic Entry Door Lock Range

Our range includes both touchscreen and push button electronic door locks for homes. They work with many different wireless home control or home security systems. Our electronic entrance door lock product options include:


Choosing the Right Electronic Entry Door Lock

We have a number of resources to help you make an informed choice about the right electronic entry door lock solution for your requirements. 

Diagram of benefits of Yale Electronic Door Lock

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