FAQs - Yale Assure Lock®

How secure is my Yale Assure Lock with Bluetooth?
The Yale Assure App makes managing access control easy through a robust mobile app. Send or revoke the mobile keys via our easy to use app. Highly secure digital key identities are managed wirelessly through the phone. All information within the lock, along with the digital keys application is secured with multiple layers of encryption using a patented encryption method.

What is a Yale Digital Key and how does it work?
The Yale Digital Key is like a credit card number. It is a unique identification number that only a Yale BLE lock can read (generated on our secure server, by using our patented key generation and encryption algorithm). The key is sent securely to the mobile phone and can be used to operate the BLE deadbolt using the Yale Assure App.

How many locks can I operate with one key?
You can operate as many locks as you would like from one key!

Can I have more than one key on my phone?
You can store up to 10 different digital keys on your phone.

How many keys can I send to my family and friends?
You can send unlimited digital keys to each user in your network.

What happens if I lose my phone?
Do not worry, if you lose your phone you can manage your account from any other compatible mobile device. You can also easily move your account from one phone to another and also delete your mobile keys if you think you phone may be compromised.

What phones are compatible with the Assure Lock with Bluetooth?
Compatible with Android phones (Android 4.3 or later) and iPhone (iOS9 or later).